Hi! I’m Raquel. I was born in Bolivia, and raised in the U.S.A – in a very diverse county in Maryland. I am currently navigating through my twenty something hood and early years of marriage. I am…

A story teller with a big heart and a constant need to make others laugh.
A dreamer with an entrepreneur type of mindset.
Married to the sweetest, kindest, goofiest human being, Mike.
Disney is my happy place and I try to go often.
Super annoying sometimes, but you’ll love me anyways.
I like to try new things, so my hobbies are always changing.
I love to travel – and learn about the world and different cultures.
You will always catch me with some sort of camera, taking pictures or videos. ALWAYS.

This blog was created as a space for me to document it all. All the memories, all the love, all the growth.

Read my pilot to know more about the reasons behind this blog!