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Baby’s First Visit to Disney!

Going to start this blog post with saying Wow, I can’t believe I really haven’t posted in 10 months! I am honestly going to say my gap in posting has been due to my transition into motherhood. These past 10 months have been the most amazing and challenging moments of my life. It’s also been the busiest season in my life so, I’ve only been able to document through photos and short videos. I am happy to attempt to revive my blog with a post sharing tips for baby’s first trip to Disney!

I’ve been going on annual Disney trips for a few years now, and the first thing I learned about going with a baby is… that it’s VERY different and you really need to go with lower expectations. You see, I am used to going at the morning rope drop and leaving after the fireworks, I am used to getting on almost all the rides in the most strategic way, getting the best parade views, trying all the delicious food, and getting to meet so many characters. And although trying to do all that sounds great, it may not all be possible with babies. Reality is, their needs come first and can sometimes be unpredictable.

I will preface by saying that my first trip with my baby took place in July 2021, while Disney had COVID related restrictions in place. After purchasing tickets online, we had to try our luck at getting the park reservations we wanted. Parades, fast passes and character meet and greets were on hold… which I didn’t know when we decided to book the trip, oops!

We only made a reservation for Magic Kingdom since we were with three kids. In my opinion, the park just wasn’t as fun without parades and character meetings. Not having fast passes made it hard to get on rides without waiting a long time. It probably didn’t help we decided to go on this trip during the first summer after the big 2020 quarantine/lock down so, the park was packed and people were eager to get into the magic of Disney.

I spent half of 2014 living in the sunshine state, working for Disney, and boy oh boy… I forgot how HOT it is in the middle of July. We were all sweating so much before even making it into the park.

When we did make it into the park, we saw (from a far) the Mickey Mouse and friends welcoming everyone into the park. We then headed towards the castle because the best time to get a picture at the castle with little to no crowds is in the morning. Usually Alessia is all smiles but I think she was a little distracted, starring at everythingggg!

We then headed to some rides. The morning is kind of blur because of the heat and how long the wait times were. Also, naps! The little bebe needed her morning nap almost shortly after we got to the park so, that took a little time. The park did have mini character parades that brought in some excitement. After a few rides and a few snacks, we decided to take a mid-afternoon break around 1pm and head back to the resort. The 3 kids in our group would not have lasted from morning to fireworks. And neither would have us, the adults! lol

When we made it back to the park, the crowd was a bit better and decided to take the evening slow. We walked through the shops and headed to a few more rides. For the most part, we made it to some of the classic rides like Dumbo and the Tea Cups. We tried to ride Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain but both rides were closed. We scored a good spot for the fire works and eat dinner from Casey’s Corner while we waited.

Fireworks at Disney are always so magical. Might sound corny but when I worked in Magic Kingdom, I would sometimes get emotional seeing them. I guess I thought about how much of a special thing it was that I got to see them night after night. I love that the bebe’s first time watching fireworks was at Disney. It was so cute seeing her excited and in complete awe. She actually learned how to clap watching them.

If you’ve ever been to Disney you know that once the fireworks are over it is a mad house trying to figure out where to go and how to best get there. Half the people are trying to make their way to the exit and the other half are trying to make it to the opposite side of the park. Once you do get out of the park, getting onto the monorail or ferry is a whole other mission with the big crowd. It always feels like sardines being packed in. We decided to get a couple more rides in to lessen the hustle of getting out of the park. It’s safe to say we were exhausted by the time we finally made it into the car.

Overall, my biggest suggestion is avoid the summer crowds and heat. It’s always been my advice and I can’t believe I forgot it…hehe. Also, go with the flow and follow babies lead on some if the day’s activities.

Other than the obvious diaper bag items, I recommend bringing a fan to connect to the stroller, noise canceling ear protection headphones, snacks, sunscreen, rain cover for the stroller (just incase), and anti-bacterial wipes.

My little bebe didn’t get to meet Mickey Mouse on this trip but she will on the next one…pending there aren’t any other world wide pandemics going on!

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