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Second Trimester Pregnancy

The second trimester recap! Better late than never right? Second trimester felt very slow to me. I still struggled with severe nausea and had one of my worst HG days by far during my second trimester (hello, urgent care). My bump finally made an appearance closer to the end of this trimester so, that was exciting. Honestly, before it popped, I started getting tired of people commenting on how I didn’t look pregnant for how far along I was. I lost weight because of HG but I was trying! 🙂 I think there should be more emphasis and education about how every women’s body and each pregnancy is different.

Like I mentioned, the majority of this trimester was a continuation of me feeling sick. However, I did have small pockets of energy where I felt the “second trimester bliss” feeling that people talk about.

Telling our Friends and Family

We waited until I was 20 weeks to tell friends and family about the pregnancy. Partly because I was so sick and it made me paranoid. But also because at the beginning of the year, I stepped back from social media platforms for a bit and because of quarantine, it just felt calming to keep the pregnancy to myself and really process all my feelings.

Due to COVID-19 and quarantine, we couldn’t tell family and friends in person but we did want to do something fun. So, we ordered baby announcement puzzles from Etsy (Shop: Baby Squishy Cheeks). We sent out the puzzles with a note and instructions via mail and requested that each person send us a picture of the puzzle once it was complete. It was so fun to see those pictures roll in!

Announcing the Pregnancy

Once we confirmed that our immediate family and closest friends knew about the pregnancy, we then made the big announcement on social media to let everyone else know. The amount of love and support that poured in was amazing and it restored some positive feelings for year 2020.

Growing our Family by Four Paws

For my (early) birthday present, we welcomed the cutest little puppy into our family. Gus the golden doodle! I had all of 2019 mentioning how I really wanted a puppy, and especially a golden doodle so, I was very happy to finally get my little pup. He has been the most perfect addition to our family. I know some people may have thought it was a crazy time to bring in a puppy but the timing couldn’t have been better! Due to COVID’s quarantine, Mike and I were home full time which meant we could dedicate all of our free time to ensuring our pup received a warm welcome to our home and began training right away. We also wanted to ensure our puppy was well trained before the baby arrives.

Sharing the Gender

We couldn’t wait to find out the gender! Mike really wanted the baby to be a girl, I didn’t have a preference but a girl did sound sweet. Due to COVID-19, Mike was not allowed into any of my appointments. There weren’t many opportunities for him to be very involved with the pregnancy but we wanted to find out the gender together. We decided to make an appointment to confirm the gender at a private ultrasound location. There were a ton of gender reveal packages to pick from. Our technician was amazing! She made us feel so welcomed and comfortable. She took her time and took a TON of pictures for us. After we simmered in the bliss of knowing we were going to have a GIRL, we planned a little backyard photoshoot. We bought balloons at Party City and set up a tripod for pictures.

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