First Trimester Pregnancy

My first trimester was NO JOKE. I was not prepared mentally, physically, or emotionally for those first 13 weeks. I had some highs and some lows, and I wish I would have the energy back then to type up this post but better late than never. In this post, I’ll share a few of my first trimester memories.

Finding Out

I found out on Valentine’s Day 2020. “His timing, not mine…” I always knew I wanted kids in my life but wasn’t sure when. I didn’t think I would ever feel ready.  I found out I was expecting on Valentine’s Day, and although I felt positive about it… the timing felt so off to me. 2020 has been the most exhaustinggggg year. I felt drained both emotionally and mentally, and we were also entering a global pandemic. It’s been a ROUGH pregnancy to say the least. But timing and blessings are related, and the happiest things in life are when the unexpected turns out to be just what you needed. The night before, I felt off and thought, let me just check. So, around midnight I ordered a test for pick up at Target. I picked up the test first thing the next day and took it. I remember waiting for the results by the bathroom sink and looking up at the mirror like in disbelief thinking it was a joke. After I smirked at the timing, I quickly felt this calmness come over me and I knew that things were going to be ok.


Telling Mike & Others

In the past, I always thought I would surprise Mike is some cute way because he’s one of those people who knew he wanted to be a dad ever since he was a kid himself. He always said he wanted to be surprised in some cool way. I told him the day after Valentine’s Day. I think I needed a day to simmer in on the news myself and I also hate combining holidays, celebrations, and good news. I like to spread out the wealth. The quickest/easiest way I could come up with was to head over to Barnes & Nobles for the Jimmy Fallon book “DADA.” I grabbed a gift bag and tissue paper at the store too. Later on, we bought the “MAMA” book to add to our book collection.

I didn’t plan on telling ANYONE until I was at least in the safe zone. Honestly, this might be shocking but the second person to ever find out (other than doctors) was my supervisor at work! My morning sickness was AWFUL! So bad, that I got diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) early on. I travel A LOT for work, and with a trip coming up and COVID slowly shutting everything down, I was concerned. My work trip luckily got canceled but the whole ordeal of trips, COVID, and HG prompted me to tell my boss early on. Telling my boss, really anyone other than Mike and doctors, brought me so much relief of not holding this little secret in. My boss was super supportive and sweet while I continued to thread the waters of 2020.


Morning Sickness/Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

I knew morning sickness was going to be awful but I had no idea what I had coming my way. I was diagnosed w/ HG early on. HG is not “morning sickness.” It’s so debilitating that it leaves you physically & mentally exhausted from extreme nausea, vomiting, dehydration, dizziness, etc. I am going to do a dedicated post for morning sickness & HG and some of the things that helped alleviate some of the symptoms. 

My Pregnancy Facts

Due Date: October 25, 2020

Showing/Weight Gain: I lost about 8 pounds through my first trimester due to HG and not being able to hold things down. I know everyone is different and due to the HG weight loss, I don’t think I showed at all during the first trimester. 

Aversions/Cravings: Anything that contained dairy made me extra sick. One of the worst memories of HG, food-related, was after eating a taco salad and another time was after consuming an oreo milkshake. I pretty much lived off of (I was able to mostly hold down) salads, fruit, and I went through a short chicken fries and sweet tea (from BK) phase. 

Bump Box

I really wanted to find ways to make myself more excited about pregnancy (HG really took a toll on me). I subscribed to Bump Boxes for their 6-month plan and have loved receiving a box full of items each month. These are great to get for yourself or to give as a gift! Use my referral link if you choose to sign up/gift one:


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