Thank You Delivery Drivers

Did you know that in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years, there is a higher volume of packages and mail delivered? My household is huge on online shopping and with the holidays upon us, we are expecting quite the number of packages. I don’t want to forget that while we click away on our phones and computers at home, there are several people working hard to get our orders out and delivered.

I saw the idea of having a snack and drinks basket out for delivery drivers a while back and love the idea. Sometimes boxes are heavy and the weather isn’t always perfect. We get packages at all hours of the day. So, I just wanted to join in and do a small gesture to show my appreciation for the hard work and long hours that go into delivering all of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday madness this season!

Want to make your own snack basket? For an easy printout, you can download my exact thank you basket sign here.

My basket has water bottles, granola bars, rice crispies, and a variety of chips.

ThankYou Delivery Drivers

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