Creating a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall has been one of my favorite parts of decorating the new house. Once we started hanging up pictures and portraits the house started to feel cozier. We started by picking the wall we wanted to concentrate on, looking at the area and size we want to cover, and looking at different styles and frame organizations for the gallery. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to look for inspiration. I loved the look of the asymmetrical square white frames.

Finding the Perfect Picture Frames

Finding the perfect frames and at the right price was a bit of a challenge. I originally found and purchased a set from Michaels Craft Store at an AMAZING price (after using a coupon) but the store canceled my order without notice. I am not sure if it became out of stock or discontinued. You can still purchase individual square frames at Michaels, Ikea, and several other stores. But I was on the hunt for a SET and for the best price.

After a hefty search online, I bought a set from Amazon. The 9-set frames are white wood with glass and are a 12×12 size. The exact set I bought is linked here. At the time of this typing this post, they were on sale for about $58!

Printing Photos for the Frames

My favorite and also most lengthy part of this process was choosing the pictures. I literally spent half a day looking through my hard drive at old pictures. I wanted the gallery pictures to match or have some sort of theme. For this gallery wall, I decided to mainly focus on pictures of only Mike and me.

My favorite place to get pictures printed is Sams Club Photo Center. Getting the prints for this gallery wall was my first time using Sams Club for printing and I was so impressed with the price, quality, turn around time, and customer service!! For this specific frameset, you have the option to keep or remove the white border. With the border, you may print an 8×8 and if you remove the border you may print a 12×12.

A few photo printing tips:

  • Create a dedicated folder on your computer or phone with the pictures you want to print. Then, upload the entire folder into a Sams Club Photo Center album. I think uploading as an album is easier than uploading multiple times/having to select individual pictures.
  • When pictures are uploaded go to the checkout page and make sure to pay attention to any warnings or flags. For example, the system may indicate that a picture doesn’t have the best resolution or that it needs to be properly cropped (depending on the size you are printing)
  • Make sure you view the list of print sizes for each picture to ensure you are selecting the correct size you want.
  • Turn off the “in-club correction.” If this is checked, the system will color correct your photo to what it thinks it should look like.

Prepping the Picture Frames 

I used a microfiber towel to wipe off any dust and residue on the frame’s glass and inside the picture boarder. Make sure your hands are clean and handle photos by the corners to ensure no fingerprints are made. Once the photos are centered I used a tiny bit of blue tape to secure the photo onto the white paper border. I didn’t want to risk the photo moving around or slipping off the white border once they are hung up.

Prepping the Wall Space

A bonus surprise that makes this set of frames even better is that it comes with a stencil/template for you to use when hanging up the pictures. We first measured the length and height of the wall space. Then we did a little bit of math to make sure the stencil paper would be centered. Next, we used blue tape to hang up the stencil. Once it’s hung up, we used a drill to make the hole for the nails. If you can’t or don’t want to make holes on your wall, consider buying removable command strips for picture hanging.

Finished Wall Space

I never thought I would have a favorite wall but this is definitely it right now. I love walking past this wall every single day. This gallery display captures a few important days in our lives, the love Mike and I share, and it’s another step into making our new house our home. I love capturing memories and now getting to display them!


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