DIY Costume: Dalmations

We put together Disney dalmatian costumes last year in preparation for our first trip to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This was a very easy and budget-friendly costumes to put together.IMG_1318

The majority of the materials for this costume can be found at the Michaels store:

  • Plain white shirts
  • Felt fabric in black, yellow, blue, red, white, and pink colors
  • Headband
  • Black hat
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks (if you don’t already have it)

1. It’s a little tedious but the first step is cutting out several black spots for the shirt and ears. Make sure all the spots are of different sizes. Place the spots around the shirts before securing them with the hot glue gun to make sure the placements look right and are spaced correctly. *TIP: Put something inside the shirt to use as a barrier so that the hot glue doesn’t accidenly go through the shirt and onto the other side.

2. Grab the felt fabric colors you want to use for the collars and trace an outline of half a collar. Use the hot glue gun to secure the half collar part to the front collar of the shirt. *TIP: I recommend only doing half a collar. Doing the full collar might make it a bit tough to put the shirt on the collar part of the shirt won’t be able to stretch very much.

An alternative is to buy real pet collars from a pet store but that’s a bit more expensive. You may be able to find pet collars at the dollar store but even then, felt fabric from Michaels is cheaper.

3. Cut out a yellow round shape for the name tag and hot glue it to the bottom part of the collar from step 2.


4. Cut out ear shapes for the headband. You can find templates for floppy dog ears on Pinterest. I recommend cutting the shape out so that you can fold it around the headband. This will allow you to put a pipe cleaner in the middle of the ear. Once the pipe cleaner is in the middle fold the ear around the headband and hot glue the edges. The pipe cleaner will help you shape the ear to stand up instead of them falling down. to the sides. Then cut out a small pink part to hot glue on the inner part of the floppy ear.

5. Cut out ear shapes for the black hat. Again, cut the ear shapes that a small pipe cleaner can fit in the middle of a fold. Then hot glue the edges down. Then hot glue a pink cut out for the inner part of the floppy ear. Use the hot glue gun to secure the ears to the hat.

6. White bottoms. To complete the look you need white bottoms. Luckily, Mike and I already owned white shorts. If you’re ok with it, add some black spots to the white shorts, too! Mike and I wanted to continue using our white shorts in the future so, we opted not to add additional black dots.




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