DIY Costume: Lilo & Stitch

This is one of the easiest costume ideas we’ve put together! my niece has been obsessed with the Stitch movie lately and Mike does the best Stitch voice so, it only made sense to include it for this year’s costume line up.



We typically make all parts of our costume but this was a bit of a last-minute costume commitment so, we actually ordered the Stitch onesie online (so, this part isn’t “DIY”).  I couldn’t find the right size at local stores for pick up but did find a few on Amazon, so happy for the speedy shipping! Amazon has a few options for a Stitch onesie, typically around $20. I usually wouldn’t spend that much one a onesie/costume but I figure Mike will get a few more uses out of it since it’s technically a pajama. Or we’ll resell it on Poshmark.

*Poshmark plug- use code ROCKNOGALES to create your Poshmark account and you’ll get $5 in credit 🙂



First, you need the base for Lilo’s red dress. If you have a red dress that you don’t mind permanently alternating, that’s great! If you don’t and you are short one time, buy an oversized plain red shirt to use, you can find one at Walmart, Target, or Michaels.

For the white leaves, I made the leaf design using my Cricut machine to create iron-on ready decals. If you don’t have a Cricut and would like iron-on decals for this, let me know and I can mail you a few leaves! An alternative option is to buy white felt fabric from Michaels and cut out leaves using a template from a google search. Once you have your leaves cut out use a hot glue gun to secure the leaves onto the red dress or red oversized shirt.

Originally, I bought an oversized red shirt first but then realized I had a red dress that I didn’t mind permanently alternating. Though, I told Mike that now we have to book a trip to Disney’s Alunani in Hawaii so that I can get a few more wears out of my Lilo dress.

Mike is a true MVP. He is the best assistant to my little craft hobby. I give him full credit for the placement of the white leaves and for ironing them on. When I say this was a last-minute costume commitment, I mean Mike’s Stitch costume arrived a couple of hours before our event and Mike finished ironing on my white leaves about 30 minutes before heading out the door.


You’ll also need a lei necklace to complete the Lilo look. The Dollar Store and Party City have them for $1.

We had so much fun at the Halloween Bash event we went to and received so many awe, squeals, and compliments on our Lilo & Stitch pairing. We heard “Ohana” said to use quite a few times, too.






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