Finding the Perfect Front Entrance Bench

Buying new furniture for your place is always an investment! And because I am a budgetnista I had to assess all of my options. I spent several hours one morning looking online at Overstock, Wayfair, Ikea, Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. I screenshot all of the options I liked and then had Mike help me narrow them down. After all, it’s his house too so I guess he should have some say in it lol

A few things I was looking for in a bench includes:

  • Ability to be able to sit on it
  • Must have cubbies for shoes (trying to keep the entrance clutter-free)
  • Preferably in the color white
  • Basket/drawers options
  • Washable cushion
  • Under $200 (I can’t believe how expense benches can be)

THE CHOSEN ONE: 6 Pair Shoe Storage Bench by Darby Home Co. from Wayfair

  •  I usually fit a pair per cubbie so technically it holds more than 6 pairs
  • Originally: $174~
  • With discount code: $162~ and free shipping (tip: ALWAYS look for a discount code)


Putting furniture together is not for the weak. We definitely got in an argument. Anyone else’s significant other not read the directions? I mean, guys…. the instruction manual is pretty helpful.  We also added small adhesive felt pads on the bottom of the baskets to avoid any scratches from the wicker basket material. IMG_20190817_204912

Diggy also loved the leftover cardboard box. He was definitely the cutest assistant.




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