Moving Day Tips

The days leading up to our moving day, everyone told us how awful and hectic it is and we should have listened! Or at least planned better. So, for anyone moving in the near future, I hope these tips help you.

1. Reserve your moving truck ahead of time. We pulled up to Uhaul thinking they would definitely have plenty of trucks in stock. I mean, how many people really move in one day?? We were wrong! We had to make a few calls to avoid having to drive out of our way to get a truck. We really lucked out and were able to get a truck because someone confirmed they were going to return it in time. We also lucked out and were offered a complimentary upgrade. Woohoo! Fewer trips.

2. Do a DEEP CLEAN of the new space while it’s completely empty. Sometimes the previous owner/renter may say they did a deep clean but it’s always best to do one yourself (or hire professionals). Clean every corner and inside every space. Cabinets, fridge, oven, windows, etc.

4. Marie Kondo your things. Even if you think you don’t have that much. Do it. It’s a cleansing feeling plus, you really don’t want to take junk to the new place. Fewer things to carry.

5. Start packing ahead of time. Mike & I are both procrastinators and waiting till the night before to do the bulk of the packing was the WORST. We barely slept and morning came way too fast. My mom and I continued to pack things while Mike & my dad pulled the packed boxes & empty furniture to the truck. You know those cartoons that take place in a factory and the conveyor belt is going at an Ultrafast speed and the character can’t keep up with production? Yeah,… That was us.

6. Label all of your boxes. Not just with what the contents are but specifically what room they are going to. For example, if packed a box full of shoes. I labeled it “Shoes – Mike’s closet” or “Shoes – Raquel’s closet.” Believe me, the extra labeling will be so helpful!

7. Don’t unpack each dresser. If possible, just take out each drawer. When you get to the new place, just put the drawer back in. It saves having to pack all of the contents into a new box and saves having to use a box, bin, or bag.

8. Leave all hung clothes on hangers. Grab huge trash bags and place the clothes (in bundles) in the trash bag with the hanger hook sticking out. Hanging clothes up in the new place will be so easy and quick!

9. Protect your furniture. To avoid furniture from scratching in the moving car, cover them with a bed sheet or place towels over the corners of furniture.

10. If possible, pack items in plastic bins. It’s more durable than cardboard boxes and if the new place has space, it’s an investment since they can be reused as storage bins. Mike and I only used plastic bins. We bought a ton of them at Costco. We now reuse them for storage and for when Mike has to pack up his classroom for summer break.

11. Ask for help. We weren’t planning on asking anyone for help but my parents refused to not help and it was a good thing because we were way over our heads. We also had some amazing friends that came in the day of when we finally asked for help ♥️

12. Give all helpers a tour of the house before unloading. Remember when I said to label all boxes with the contents AND the room it needs to go to? This is why. It’s easier if everyone can read where the item goes and knows where that room is. Fewer questions for everyone and it helps to speed up the process.

13. Stock the house with necessities. Make sure the new place has the basic necessities of toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, trash can, etc. available on move-in day.

14. Eat and hydrate! Moving is HARD work. Make sure there are plenty of drinks and food to keep your (and your helpers) energies up.

15. Relax. By the time everything is moved in, chances are you will be exhausted. Don’t worry about putting EVERYTHING away the same day. It takes time. I remember people would tell us that it took them weeks and months to finish unpacking. It didn’t make sense to me then but it sure does now.

Moving day was crazier than I ever expected but it was such a memorable day. We couldn’t have done it without the help of friends and family.

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