The Clermont Hotel

I recently took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia and stayed at The Clermont Hotel. The Clermont has been featured on TV shows and celebrities including Anthony Bourdain, Marilyn Manson, Ashton Kutcher, Kid Rock, and Lady Gaga have visited. 



I had no idea of the history behind it but all of my Uber drivers gave me fun facts about it on each of my rides. The hotel building has gone through a lot of changes before becoming a boutique hotel. Through all of the changes, one thing has remained consistent which is the Clermont Lounge is Atlanta’s first and longest continually operating strip club. The lounge is located in the basement of the building. Though I didn’t go, I did do a tiny bit of research on it since all my Uber drivers brought it up.

Apparently one of the most known dancers is Blondie. Rumor has it she declined to dance with Hitler (not sure of the timeline of when this happened). Apparently, she also has a unique talent of crushing beer cans with her breast. *Shrugs* “Blondie” from what I’ve read, has also become a TV personality and book author.

Staying at the Hotel is obviously a very unique experience. The décor is a vintage style/theme. When I arrived for check in I was offered a complimentary beer can and vouchers for complimentary coffee from their own café. The coffee vouchers and the room key card matched the theme of the hotel. I am a sucker for details!


The room was a little dark but it was a nice size. I loved the bathroom! Is that weird to say?

I personally always unpack when I check into a hotel, at least when I am going to be there for more than one night. I feel like most hotels now a day only provide a drawer or two for storing clothes and belongings but this hotel actually several compartments for storing/hanging clothes on their wall closet.


The only thing I thought was a little weird was how low the bed was to the ground and therefore so were the nightstands. The bed and pillows were super soft though.


I forgot to take pictures but the hotel has a cute lobby that includes vintage décor and a stand where you can purchase fresh bouquets of flowers. There is also a library room with a long large table and several seating options.


The hotel also includes a rooftop bar that is popular with tourists and locals. It has a perfect skyline view of Atlanta! The bar features lawn games, like giant Jenga, on their “grass” floors. There are several seating options, and tables, on the rooftop and there is a TV behind the bar area as well. When I was ordering my drink the movie Hide and Seek was playing, so fitting.

Check out the hotel’s website to get a feel of the hotel’s aesthetics.

Ponce City Market is a short walk away from the hotel! If you are taking a trip to Atlanta, consider stopping by. It was highly recommended to me and it did not disappoint. The building was once upon a time a Sear’s warehouse but now houses a ton of restaurants, stores, office spaces, and apartments.


I ate at Minero, which is a casual Mexican eatery. I ordered the burrito bowl which was so filling and delicious and a little spicy. The burrito bowl is queso de Oaxaca, crema, cabbage, avocado, and poblano. You have the option to add meat to your bowl. Though it’s so filling as a veggie bowl that you won’t need it 😉


There are so many restaurants, dessert shops, and drink shops to try out. Check out more of what is at the market here on their website.


I ate at Hard Rock my first night there because it was so close to where I was. Even though there is a Hard Rock in a lot of major cities, I still really enjoyed my dinner at the Atlanta location. I tried The Impossible Burger for the first time and liked it. If you haven’t had it before, it’s a plant-based patty that was created to mimic the taste and look of a real burger patty. I think it was one of the most realistic meatless alternatives I’ve had. You can find the burger in different restaurants and I recommend trying it.


My trip was short and I had limited free time but I am so glad I got to see a little of Atlanta, Georgia!








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