Zoo Lights at the National Zoo

Woke up this morning feeling like a kid when I saw how much snow we got overnight. I love fresh snow and the fresh crisp air…I love the sight of a winter wonderland! Which brings me to the Zoo Lights at the National Zoo. Have you gone before? I’ve tried going for about 3 years now but something always came up.

I finally made it this year! One Friday after work, Mike picked me up and we headed to see the lights. The weather was unusually warm for December but it actually was perfect for a night of walking outside.

The first thing we did when we got there… eat pizza! It wasn’t our first choice but we were hungry! I was actually pleasantly surprised with how inexpensive and how delicious the pizza was.

I underestimated how much walking was involved in seeing all the lights, so if you go, definitely wear comfy shoes!

The lights typically run in the evenings from November to January 1st, they are powered by Pepco, and admission to the event is free.

A few highlights of the event:

Gingerbread Village: This spot is perfect for a photo! There is a Gingerbread Village with large frosted cookies, lollipops, and a gingerbread throne.

Reindeer Games Fun Zone (sponsored by Geico): There are themed obstacle course and you can go on rides like the carousel, which is so pretty at night. By the way, you can definitely hear a few roars from the animals around this area!

Interactive Light Display: This is a pretty sight and everyone was taking selfies here. It’s an interactive light canopy that responds to music (there is a live band that plays nearby).

Grump Holiday Market: You can shop from local artisans! #SupportLocalBusinesses

There is also a laser light show where you can watch animals come to life in laser lights on one of the outside walls (right by the parking lot).

Watch the short clip that Mike put together from our visit. Hope you get to see it for yourself next year!

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