Buying Deodorant and Soap From a Farm

One of the things we want to focus on in the upcoming year is replacing some of our skin and hair care products with natural products. We’ve been wanting to do this for a while because Mike has very sensitive skin and also to reduce the risks associated with the daily use of products filled with toxins.

The top item we wanted to replace was deodorant. Growing up, I used any deodorant as long as it was cheap and efficient. It wasn’t until Mike complained about experiencing chemical burns from deodorant his whole life that I started researching ingredients found in regular deodorants.

We have bought natural deodorants from every store you can think of such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Target, TJ MAXX, and online stores too. Mike has tested out brands such as The Honest Company, TOMS, Schmidts, Crystal, etc. AND just about every version of “made for sensitive skin” products of the big brand names. You name it, and there is a 90% chance Mike has tested it out. Every single one either gave him a chemical burn after a week or didn’t work (talk about some stinky days). The worst part for me was that every deodorant that ended up not working for Mike got passed down to me. I don’t have sensitive skin and I was not about to throw out a bunch of $8-$10 dollar deodorants! Some of these deodorants did not work at all though.

Mike also experiences a burning sensation on his face, it’s awful. He uses prescribed hydrocortisone from his doctor that he keeps on him at all times (one in the house, one in the car, and one in his backpack). I had read that goat milk was proven to help relieve irritable skin conditions and nourish the skin in general. The PH of goat milk is very similar to that of human skin which means our skin loves to soak it up and it helps protect the skin from bacteria and chemicals while serving as an amazing moisturizer. It also has vitamin A, B, C, D, and E and has anti-aging effects. Goat milk soap is among the top products that help skin that is prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne, and dryness as it fights against bacteria and inflammation.


When I was searching where to buy Goat Milk in Montgomery County, I came across East Rivendell Farm. I wanted to get the goat milk soap for Mike asap, so we called the farm to let them know we were on the way ( we were cutting it close to closing time). The farm has two separate sections to its’ store. In one section, you can find vegetables, meats, fruits, and dairy. The other section has a gift shop with natural deodorants, goat milk soap, among several other natural and/or handmade items. I wanted to buy everything!



We left with the beeswax deodorant and the Briden’s Goat Milk Soap. Mike has been using the deodorant daily for over a month now and it has not burned him at all! The Goat Milk Soap is coming in very handy, especially now that we are in the winter season. Mike’s face is noticeably moisturized and soft! He hasn’t complained about his face burning in a while. These are probably our current favorite products and we wish we had found them sooner! If you are local to Montgomery County, please consider stopping by.

They have a pretty large product line for the deodorants and soaps, and many other products in stock. Not to mention, knowing what is in your product and where your product comes from is amazing. Supporting local farms is amazing!

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