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Apps That Earn you Free Money

Everyone loves free money right? We already spend so much of our time scrolling on our phones so why not earn some free money with just a few clicks! We listed our top 5 apps that we use to earn money/gift cards and get cash back on our purchases!



Do you have clothes sitting in your closet that you no longer wear or want? When it comes to selling clothing, shoes, and accessories this is the app to go with! We’ve  attempted several other avenues of posting sale’s whether different apps, websites (such as eBay or craigslist), the Facebook yard sales, and thrift stores but PoshMark has given the most success.

Use our referral code ROCKNOGALES when creating your account to get $5!

Below is the break down of the steps to show just how simple it is to use this app!

  1. Take a well lit, decluttered, and clear picture of the product
  2. Upload picture and fill out description page (size, color, brand name, etc)
  3. Fill in what the original price is and what your SALE price is (please note that PoshMark takes a percentage of your sale price when item is sold. That percentage depends on what price tier your item is listed in but you will be able to see the break down when you fill your sale price in).
  4. Review and post your listing
  5. Buyer may purchase item with the price you listed or may send you an offer. They may also crate a “bundle” of your items in which you can offer a discount. Feel free to negotiate or decline offers.
  6. Once item sells make sure to package item, securely tape the prepaid label (buyers pay shipping through the app at the time of purchasing your item)
  7. Drop off package at USPS and check the tracking through the app
  8. You receive your money through direct deposit or by requesting a check once the buyer has accepted your item (at most you’ll wait 48 hours after the tracker shows as delivered)

Tips for selling FAST:

  • Take a GOOD picture
  • Follow people on PoshMark. Poshmark thrives on people sharing items. In order for your items to reach as many people as possible, follow as many other people as you can. Many of them follow you in return, and some will start sharing your items right away.
  • Share your listings frequently. So the more you share you listing, the more others see it, the higher likelihood of others sharing your listing to their followers as well!
  • If you share someone else’s listing, they usually share your listing back. So every now and then when I have time on my hand, I’ll go to pages of users who have HIGH number of followers and will share their listing on my feed in hopes that they share mine to their thousand of followers.
  • PoshMark hosts “parties” everyday based on type of product or brand, so if you items fits the description it helps to share your listing into the party.
  • Respond to buyer’s questions on your listings in a timely manner.



Use our referral code to sign up: rokfqlb

This is a cashback app we use when grocery shopping! You can find all types of grocery stores on this app ranging from Wegmens, Target, Walmart, Giant, etc. The items that have cashback deals available change so we check the app for eligible items prior to our trip to the store or while we are there. Read the EASY steps on using the app below:

  1. Down app and register an account with your email address
  2. Browse through the stores and items available for cashback
  3. Add the items you want to your “cart”/offer list
  4. Go grocery shopping and make sure to KEEP your receipt
  5. Open app and go to redeem offers
  6. Take a picture of the full receipt
  7. Select the items from your offer list that you want to redeem
  8. Some items may require you to scan the barcode (I usually do this while putting away items in my home)
  9. Once you are done redeeming offers, click Collect Purchases
  10. You will receive your earnings within 24 hours in your account



This app is very similar to Ibotta. Great for getting cash back grocery stores!



Use our code 9XXUY, to earn an additional 20 cents per gallon off your first use!

If you want to save money on gas (and groceries/restaurants) this is a great app! When you open the app, it gives you a list/map of all the places you can save in your area. Once you have started earning money back, you can receive the money via check or PayPal. So far, we have earned over $50 back (a couple tanks of gas). You can save up to 35% when using this cash back app.

These are the steps you will need to take:

  1. Register for GetUpside
  2. Enter my promo code to get an additional savings on your first purchase
  3. Choose either Gas, Groceries, or Restaurants
  4. Choose from the list or map which place where you want to save money
  5. Press Claim (you will have 3 hours to submit receipt)
  6. Use your credit card/Debt card (no cash) to make the purchase
  7. Scan the receipt and submit it for cash back
  8. You will receive an email (typically within 24 hours) to let you know how much you have earned

To receive the money through PayPal, with no fee, you have to earn at least $15. To receive the money via a check, with no fee, you must earn at least $50.



This app will help you to earn gift cards by doing any of the following: either by simply “checking in” when entering a store, scanning the barcode of items (no purchase necessary) on their list, and/or by in-store or online purchases. By completing any of these different tasks, you will earn points (called kicks in the app), which then convert into gift cards. They include: Amazon, Sephora, Target, and more! Sometimes when we are in Target we treat this app like a scavenger hunt and find the items listed to scan the bar code.

It only takes 1250 kicks to get your first reward. By using my invite code KIND118031, you can earn a free 250 points. *Make sure you use the app within 7 days of entering the invite code to receive the free 250 points! *

More details on ways to earn “kicks”

  1. Walk into stores: You earn kicks just by walking in the main entrance of select stores
  2. Scan Bar Codes: You earn kicks by walking around the store and scanning select items in the app (barcode scanner is in the app)
  3. Make purchase with linked credit cards: Earn kicks every time you shop at the select stores using your credit card linked to the app (can be any of your credit cards)
  4. Submit Receipts: Earn kicks when submitting receipts of select items purchased or every dollar spent at participating stores, you earn kicks
  5. Visiting online stores: Earn kicks just by simply vising select online stores
  6. Viewing online product: Earn kicks by viewing different deals and items
  7. Online Purchases: Earn kicks by making purchases online- for every dollar spent at participating stores, you earn kicks
  8. Watch Videos: Earn kicks when you want in-app videos about different products

You can set the app up for it to notify you (through location settings) when you are at a participating store.



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