Two Weeks of Healing


This past week I took Diggy to his two week post surgery check up… and he is doing amazing! His surgeon is super happy with where he is in his healing. He was very active during the visit, barking non-stop and walking around….so much that they had to take him to a different room to finish his check up because he was clearly showing off infront of me. He tried to run (he isn’t there yet) and tried to stand up and lean against a wall (he isn’t there yet), he slipped each time so he still has to be monitored closely and continue on his “crate rest.” We aren’t too worried about him slipping/sliding every now and then because after all… hes spine surgery was only a little over two weeks ago, however we do want to limit his ability to have moments that cause slipping (i.e. running/jumping). At one point, he’s surgeon sat down on the floor while explaining his progress and continued care and Diggy climbed on her lap and laid there… clearly his way of saying “thank you.” I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for Diggy’s surgeon. From the first consultation, to the MRi, to facetiming us through it all because we were out of state, to her obvious love of pets… she and her team are literally the best! ❤
*I’ll write an update post on Diggy after this next check up in March

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